Rise Above The Crowd

12:40 AM

            People believe in public figures (rockstars, youtube gurus, cool kids) more than they believe in their own strengths…because it’s easier to reproduce what others do as opposed to living life on their own terms.  Mostly that happens because they don’t know what they actually want or how to achieve it or both.

            Role models are just that – models. You shouldn’t impersonate them, but rather learn from their mistakes. Though, by all means, allow yourself to make some mistakes too. There’s no chance you’ll learn about yourself from people you’ve never met. And if you don’t know who YOU are, then who are you?

            You should depict raw materials, not final products. Everyone dreams of a new beginning, because there’s no perfect ending. Since time doesn’t stop for anybody, would you rather be anybody or yourself? Never let anyone fake your imagination, find your own shoes and wear them with pride!

            We’re at the time when everything is the same: values, points of view, beliefs…there’s just a few of them and we take them as our own, we fight for causes that don’t match with our dreams. And that’s how we lose our identity and become negligible quantity.

            If there is no place for you, you build your own place. If happiness doesn’t come at you it’s because happiness is handmade. Go out and make your own, be yourself, everyone is already taken.

            Being the same as everyone else is plain boring and useless. Never be jealous on what they have, be grateful of your own possessions.  If you can’t find such things dig deeper. At least you may reach China, or the light at the end of a tunnel. Or maybe you will find unicorns and rainbows or the living dead… Who knows? And if no one knows it, aren’t you excited to go discover for yourself?

            The point is, you can admire creative content in all of its forms and glory, but remember there’s something special about you…I don’t know what, but let the world see it even if you’re scared, reluctant or afraid. Create your own standards. Build your own future. Make your own decisions. Fulfill your dreams and find your path regardless of what anyone might say about it. Something brilliant will come of it, you just need a dash of courage.

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